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Welcome to Rapid Note, the latest development in the rapid note taking technology! Now available right on your mac!

So just what the heck is Rapid Note you ask? Just read along and find out…

Rapid Note iconRapid Note is a tiny icon that lives in peace and quite in status bar. It’s always there, waiting for you to give it some attention and love.

Rapid Note entering notePress ⌘+⌥+N (default, customizable) or just click the icon and window will show up. Enter whatever your entering needs require, press ⌘+↵ and the window is gone. Your note has just been saved and you can get back to work.

Rapid Note list of notesTo get to your list of notes either resize window by dragging it’s bottom part or press ⌘+E

Rapid Note details viewIn details view you can see creation, modification and notification date. Set new or disable existing notification by clicking the button. From here you can also delete note if you don’t love it anymore.

Rapid Note notificationsFor displaying notifications you can use either shiny-new notifications shipped in Mountain Lion or built-in system which also works on Snow Leopard & Lion.

Ready to try out Rapid Note yourself? Grab a copy from the Mac App Store!

Download on the App Store



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